A faulty commercial HVAC system in your Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, property can increase energy costs and discomfort. This makes it important to know the common problems that can affect the efficiency of your HVAC system. Here are five common commercial HVAC problems:

Inadequate Maintenance

Lack of maintenance is a common problem of commercial HVAC systems. Without regular maintenance, small issues can become larger and more expensive problems, reducing performance and longevity. Preventive HVAC maintenance can help keep your unit in excellent shape.

Wrong System Capacity

Smaller systems struggle to cool or heat your space, increasing energy costs and wearing out the machine. A unit larger than your needs will cause energy wastage, move the air too frequently and increase discomfort. Before choosing a commercial HVAC system, get advice from a qualified professional.

Poor Air Quality

Another major problem with large HVAC systems is poor air quality. Unpleasant odors and unhealthy indoor air quality in your space can result from a gas leak, dirty air filters, blocked return vents or stagnant water. If your HVAC unit is circulating unclean air, have an HVAC expert inspect the system.

Dirty Filters

Your HVAC system may not perform optimally if the air filters are dirty, worn or clogged with debris. This will make the system work harder, consume more energy and wear quickly. It ‘ crucial to replace your filters regularly to improve HVAC performance, enhance indoor air quality and increase comfort.

Water Leaks

Finally, water pooling around your unit may be a sign of clogged drain lines or a cracked heat exchanger. The leaks can be from a faulty evaporator or worn collector box. If your cooling system is leaking water, call your HVAC professional immediately to prevent further damage.

At North County Cooling Inc., we’re committed to providing professional maintenance and repairs for your commercial HVAC system to improve its performance. As a result, you’ll enjoy reduced energy bills. Call us today at 561-288-2063.

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