Maintenance is an essential part of making sure your HVAC system operates as it should. While homeowners in West Palm Beach, Florida, can perform some maintenance tasks themselves, like changing the air filter every 30 to 90 days, you should leave most to a professional service technician. Here are three reasons to sign up for a preventive HVAC maintenance agreement:

Maximize Your Energy Dollars

Your HVAC system uses a certain amount of energy to cool or heat your home. About half of the power the average household consumes is for cooling and heating. The more efficient your HVAC system, the less energy it wastes. As a result, you spend less to cool and heat your home. Preventive maintenance helps your system operate at peak efficiency.

Reduce the Risk of Breakdowns

Most homeowners don’t know how to notice problems with their HVAC systems. Therefore, there’s no way to tell if your HVAC system has a problem until it’s too late and it has broken down. When you sign up for a preventive HVAC maintenance agreement, a service technician will have the chance to inspect your system once or twice per year. They can find developing issues before they cause a breakdown and require a costly repair.

Extend the System’s Lifespan

HVAC systems cost thousands of dollars. When you purchase yours, you should expect it to last at least 10 years. But without routine maintenance, your HVAC system’s lifespan will likely shorten, which results in a premature replacement. The more efficient your HVAC system operates and the fewer repairs it requires, the longer it’ll last.

HVAC maintenance also helps homeowners lower their carbon footprint, which helps the environment. North County Cooling Inc. offers a preventive HVAC maintenance agreement, and we don’t require a legal or financial commitment from our customers. Contact us today at 561-288-2063
to learn more about how signing up can benefit your household.

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