While uneven airflow is more common in older homes, this problem is also present in new properties. Uneven airflow not only interferes with comfort, but it also drives up energy costs. The following are the most common causes for uneven airflow in homes in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, and across the country:

There Are Problems With Your Ducts

Ductwork problems can cause trouble with airflow regulation. Common problems include blockages or bent ductwork. Areas of the home located near compromised sections of ductwork are more likely to have decreased airflow.

Your Ductwork Is Leaking Air

As ducts age, they break down, causing cracks and holes to form. When ducts have cracks and holes, air leaks out, and this prevents the air from reaching all areas of the home evenly. Experts estimate that the ductwork in a typical residential home has anywhere from 35% to 55% air leakage.

The average lifespan of ductwork in residential properties is between 10 to 15 years. If your ductwork is older, you need to replace it.

Your Air Filters Are Dirty

Dirty filters restrict airflow because the dirt and debris prevent air from flowing freely. Your HVAC system will work harder to try to make up for the shortfall, but the air distribution will be inadequate. Experts recommend that you change your filters once each season as part of your regular system maintenance. However, you may have to do this more often if you live with many people or pets in crowded conditions.

If you’re presently contending with uneven airflow in your home, now is the time to address it so you can be comfortable and save on utilities. Contact North County Cooling Inc. for HVAC services in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. We’re happy to help you with all your airflow problems and any discomfort you’re feeling.

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