Your air conditioner’s seasonal energy efficiency ratio measures how efficiently it uses energy to cool your home. Air conditioners with a higher SEER have better efficiency, which can usually result in lower energy bills. But it’s important to note that just because an AC system has a high SEER doesn’t mean it’ll save you. Air conditioners with a SEER above 20 usually cost double or even triple the price of other models. Read on to learn more about the seasonal energy efficiency ratio and how to pick the right AC system for your Wellington, Florida home.

Calculate the Cooling Load to Maximize Efficiency

Calculating the cooling load of your house is a complex process, and it requires a professional’s expertise. The cooling load factors in numerous variables, including the property’s orientation and window coverage. The SEER doesn’t change that. So if your home requires 48,000 BTU/h of cooling capacity, you’ll need to install a 4-ton air conditioning system in your home, regardless of its SEER rating.

Keep in mind that the SEER plays a significant role in determining how energy your air conditioner will use. Divide the cooling capacity in BTU/h by the SEER. Now let’s look at three different 4-ton AC systems with a SEER of 10, 15 and 20, respectively:

  • Bad: 48,000 BTU/h / 10 SEER = 4,800 watts of electricity
  • Good: 48,000 BTU/h / 15 SEER = 3,200 watts of electricity
  • Best: 48,000 BTU/h / 20 SEER = 2,400 watts of electricity

This measurement will change depending on the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature. Your air conditioning system works best when the outdoor temperature is mild. It works harder when the thermometer is higher than 90.

Find the Sweet Spot for Your Next AC Installation

As you can see, an air conditioner with a 15 SEER uses 33 percent less energy than an AC system with a 10 SEER. But an air conditioner with a 20 SEER only reduces the amount of energy used by an additional 25 percent. Because of diminishing returns, you’ll save the most power when replacing an old AC system with a brand-new model.

For example, replacing a 20-year-old air conditioner that has a 5 SEER with a standard AC system that has a 15 SEER will cut your energy bill by a remarkable 67 percent.

Want to learn more about the seasonal energy efficiency ratio? Contact North County Cooling Inc. at 561-288-2063 to start your next air conditioning system installation.

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