Home automation allows you to control your internet-enabled devices in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, with ease. Your home’s air conditioning system is one such device. The system features an app for any type of smartphone or mobile device. Here are four things you need to know about home automation zoning.

Bring Convenience to Your Life

Maybe you’ve left home on vacation or to go to work and wondered if you adjusted the thermostat or turned off the fan. With a home automation zoning system, you’re able to control your home’s cooling system via an app. No matter where you’re at, you can change the system’s settings and adjust the temperature.

Optimize Your Comfort

In many households, one person likes a cold bedroom for sleeping, and someone else likes it warmer. With home automation zoning, you can set a different temperature in each zone. The system also changes the speed of ceiling fans and your HVAC fan for improved ventilation. Over time, the system learns each person’s temperature preferences and sets them automatically.

Add a Multitude of Devices

Home automation zoning doesn’t just control your heating and cooling system. You can add other smart home devices, too. Integrate your security system, home theater setup, ceiling fans, security cameras or smart window blinds. Many home appliances, including coffee makers and ice machines, are also compatible.

Save Money on Utility Bills

With home automation zoning, you can instruct the system to only cool the zone you’re occupying. Since you’re not cooling the whole house, you’ll have lower electricity bills. You can save up to 15 percent on your utility bills by having the system automatically turn off the cooling system or ceiling fan when you’re not home. It learns your schedule, so it’ll automatically turn it on and achieve your desired temperature upon your return.

Home automation makes it easier to control your comfort. These zoning systems also lower your utility bills and save you money. To learn more, call North County Cooling Inc.

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