Spring has finally arrived in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. That means the hot and muggy weather is right around the corner. The best way to keep your family comfortable through the summer is by ensuring your air conditioner is performing efficiently. Here are three steps to get your air conditioner ready for the cooling season:

Replace Your Air Filters

It might sound simple, but replacing your air filters is vital to ensure your home’s indoor air is healthy. That’s because, as your air conditioner works to cool your home, air circulates through your filters. During this process, your filter traps any particle pollutants found in the air and prevents them from recirculating in your home.

Failing to replace your air filter in a timely manner can undo all of its good work. With time, the contaminants trapped in your filter can buildup and prevent your system from working efficiently. Replacing your filter every 30 to 90 days will lead to efficient home cooling and improved indoor air quality throughout the season.

Inspect the Outdoor Unit

Check the outdoor unit of your air conditioner and clear out any debris or leaves around it. If these elements obstruct your unit, they can cause your air conditioner to waste unnecessary energy when trying to cool your home. This can lead to expensive repairs, high energy bills and even a complete AC system breakdown.

Call an HVAC Professional

Taking the time to prepare your unit for harsher weather can help you save money and prevent an uncomfortable situation in the future. Scheduling a professional AC maintenance visit before summer is the best way to ensure every component of your system is in top-notch condition.

During a professional AC maintenance visit, a service technician will check and adjust every component of your system. Some of these maintenance tasks include tightening any electrical connections, checking for leaks, calibrating the thermostat and more.

Don’t let your air conditioner down. Learn more about our preventive maintenance agreements and what these entail by calling our experts at North County Cooling Inc. today.

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