It’s safe to say that we can all be a little more conscious about the way we use energy within our homes. It can be as simple as turning off the light after leaving a room or switching over to the more energy-efficient LED bulbs. Residents of West Palm Beach, Florida, can look forward to seeing extra money in their bank account every month by avoiding these expensive energy habits:

Leaving Appliances On

While using the fridge every day is normal, avoid opening the door needlessly. Another careless energy hog is leaving kitchen appliances such as toasters and microwaves plugged in when not in use. Even laptops and cellphones that have reached their full charge should be unplugged.

Misusing the Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat will save you money, as it gives you the ability to control your HVAC system when you’re at home and at work. Simply adjusting the thermostat by five or so degrees makes a big difference in your monthly expenditures for energy.

Failing to Change Air Filters

Not changing your air filters every three months can cause your HVAC system to work harder. A well-maintained system uses less energy while simultaneously keeping your air quality in top shape. For even better HVAC performance, consider establishing a regular maintenance plan with your local professionals. As a result, you’ll lower your energy bills and reduce the risk of requiring costly repairs.

Overusing the Dryer

Your dryer is probably the biggest energy hog in your household. As the dryer gets older, it becomes less efficient and sucks up more energy. Avoid doing several loads of laundry throughout the week and opt for one big load on weekends. If you have a backyard or even a balcony, consider putting up a clothesline.

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