You want to ensure that your heat pump is in excellent shape to keep your Palm Beach Gardens, FL, home warm throughout the winter. You may want to call a service technician to check on your heat pump if you feel that the unit is losing its ability to function optimally. Look out for these telltale signs that you’re due to replace your heat pump:

Heat Pump is Short-Cycling

If your heat pump tends to shut off randomly or has trouble switching on, it’s likely malfunctioning. Short-cycling stresses your heat pump, causing it to stop functioning if you don’t address the issue quickly. If the system turns on and off more frequently than before, it’s probably time to invest in a new unit.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Aside from providing your home with warm air, heat pumps can also help enhance indoor air quality. They eliminate moisture from your indoor air, maintaining the proper humidity levels. If you notice the air in your home is stuffy, your heat pump might be malfunctioning.

Heat Pump Requires Frequent Repairs

Heat pumps sustain wear and tear over the years, causing their compartments to break down frequently. If you require major heat pump repairs within short periods, this may signify that the system is on its last legs. Hire an HVAC service technician to help you replace your heat pump.

Inadequate Heating

Heat pump maintenance can help improve its heating functioning, but if yours doesn’t respond even with regular maintenance, you might be due for a replacement. Hire a service technician to inspect the heat pump and evaluate whether you need a new one.

If these signs sound familiar, it may be time to replace your heat pump. Talk to an HVAC service technician if you suspect an issue with your heat pump. Call the heating repair experts at North County Cooling Inc. for professional and affordable services.

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