You and your loved ones need high-quality sleep to energize and prepare you for your busy schedules. If you’re regularly waking up feeling less than rested, it’s possible you’re sleeping poorly because of your heating system. Keep reading to learn more about how your furnace may be causing your lack of sleep in Wellington, FL.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Modern homes strive to be as insulated as possible from the outside environment. While this typically makes your heating system more efficient, it can also trap contaminants in your home. Poor indoor air quality irritates your respiratory system, causing you to cough, sneeze and feel uncomfortable when you’re trying to sleep.

Loud Noises

The bangs, rattles and squeaks of a loud furnace often travel through the whole home via your metal ductwork. If you notice changes in your furnace’s operating sounds, there’s likely an underlying issue that needs HVAC maintenance or repairs as soon as possible.

Inconsistent Temperatures

Many households prefer setting the home’s temperature a little cooler at night. Lowering your settings by a few degrees can save you money while optimizing your comfort. If your thermostat isn’t following your preferences or your furnace is keeping your home too warm, you won’t be able to sleep as comfortably.

Unhealthy Humidity Level

A high humidity level can make the air in your room thick and damp. If there’s not enough humidity, you may experience dry skin or an itchy, irritated throat. It’s essential to keep your humidity level in a healthy range to protect your safety and prevent pests and microbial growth outbreaks.

You need an efficient and comfortable home to get a good night’s rest. Contact us at North County Cooling Inc. as we are a family-owned comfort company that specializes in offering expert heating services in Wellington, FL.

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