Using eco-friendly cooling methods is smart for your home and the environment. Despite what some believe, this doesn’t require making a big investment in new HVAC equipment. You can decrease your carbon footprint by utilizing a few simple techniques that will keep you as cool as a cucumber in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Install Ceiling Fans

Using ceiling fans throughout your home reduces the need to adjust your thermostat. Fans help circulate cool air in your space and work in conjunction with your air conditioning system to lower the temperature in your home. Make sure you set yours to rotate in a counterclockwise direction to enjoy a wind-chill effect.

Shade Your Windows

If you have windows that face east or west, you can shade them to keep the room from heating up. Shading the east-facing windows helps during the morning hours, and covering the west windows will help during the evening hours.

Close the Windows

If you like the feel of fresh air blowing through your home, you can open the windows during certain times of the day. Usually, the morning or evenings are best. During the heat of the day, it is best to keep your windows closed.

Planting Gardens and Trees

Trees that give shade are useful in cooling your home during the hotter months. It’s best to plant in either the east or west directions and avoid the south.

Use Energy-Efficient Systems

Of course, having an eco-friendly air conditioning system is a great way to help the environment and save on energy bills. Proper HVAC maintenance is essential in maintaining the quality and efficiency of the unit.

If you’re ready to upgrade your home, choose an HVAC contractor in Florida who can assist you in selecting and installing the system that’s right for you. Call North County Cooling Inc. today for more answers on green cooling.

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