Are you adding a new living space to your home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida? Or maybe you’re converting a garage into a game room. You don’t have to pay to extend your central air conditioner’s ductwork to cool the new home addition. All you need is a ductless AC system. Here are the best benefits of going ductless in your new living space:

Higher Efficiency

If you’re thinking about installing a window air conditioner in your new home addition, think again. Ductless AC systems use less power and are more efficient.

Unlike conventional HVAC systems, ductless air conditioners deliver air directly into your living space. As a result, they don’t lose conditioned air via leaky ductwork.

In addition, homeowners can save even more money by taking advantage of tax credit and utility rebates offered to ductless users. We can help determine your eligibility.

Easy Installation

It can take weeks to extend ductwork from your central air conditioner to cool your new home addition. A ductless AC system only requires a three-inch hole to connect small pipes from the indoor air handler to the outdoor unit. A professional service technician can have your ductless air conditioner running in as little as a day. It’s that quick!

Greener HVAC

Today’s HVAC solutions help homeowners save energy and go green like never before, and a ductless air conditioner is no exception. In addition to using less energy to operate and not wasting conditioned air via leaky ductwork, they use R-410a refrigerant. Unlike R-22, this refrigerant doesn’t deplete the ozone layer, which helps the environment.

Want to save on cooling costs and reduce your carbon footprint? Consider installing a ductless AC system in your small home or additional living space. Contact North County Cooling Inc. at 561-288-2063 today to learn about the ductless air conditioners we carry and install.

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