It’s easy to overlook how important air filters are when it comes to your furnace in Jupiter, FL. A clean filter is vital for your heater’s ability to operate efficiently. Here’s how changing the air filter optimizes your furnace so that it operates efficiency and maintains comfortable indoor conditions.

Avoid HVAC System Damage

A dirty filter causes unnecessary damage to your furnace. The HVAC system requires unrestricted airflow to work properly. A dirty filter prevents air from circulating correctly, and this leads to overheating.

Cold air coming from the vents indicates an overheated furnace. Replace the filter immediately so you don’t stress the system to the point of catastrophic breakdowns that might require a full furnace replacement.

Achieve a Healthy Home Environment

Replacing your filter every 60 to 90 days provides for healthier, fresher and cleaner air. This particularly helps anyone suffering from asthma and/or allergies as the filter removes pollen, dust and other dangerous particles from your indoor air environment.

Save on Energy Bills

Not only does frequent filter replacement save your furnace from unnecessary damage, but it also saves you from significantly higher energy bills. Clogged air filters cause an HVAC system to work harder and use more energy than it should. This results in unwanted increases in your monthly electricity bill.

Extend Your HVAC System’s Lifespan

Dirt, dust and other debris ends up clogging important furnace components when a dirty air filter can’t perform its job properly. You’ll find this causes the need for more HVAC repairs and maintenance as parts fail frequently. Change your filter consistently and you’ll help your furnace last as long as possible.

Have you neglected the proper replacement schedule for your furnace’s air filter and now notice inefficiencies? Contact North County Cooling Inc. to schedule your next furnace maintenance appointment.

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