Many homeowners in Wellington, FL, use a furnace when the occasional winter cold front blows through the area. Not all furnace odors signify trouble, but any unusual or strong smell acts as a warning sign of something wrong with your heater. Here are some smells that you should worry about:

Metallic Odors

A metallic smell coming from your heater could indicate a cracked heat exchanger. Since heat exchangers are metallic, you’ll notice this smell when they crack due to dirty air filters trapping hot gas in the combustion chamber. It’s best to replace your air filters monthly or when you see visible dirt to prevent a cracked heat exchanger that causes metallic furnace odors.

Stinky Feet

If you suddenly smell stinky feet when your heating system is on, bacteria growth on the system could be the culprit. When the furnace gets warm, it acts as an ideal breeding spot for bacteria. You need heating system maintenance to eliminate bacteria growth and the sticky feet odors.

Electrical Burning Smells

An electrical burning smell could signify an overheating blower motor that can cause electrical shorts and sparks if you overlook the warning sign. The heating system should shut down if it starts overheating, but it continues to operate if it has issues with the safety feature. Cut the power supply and contact an HVAC contractor if you smell electrical burning.

Burning Plastic or Chemical Smells

Electrical components or the blower fan of your furnace are faulty if you notice a weird burning smell. These components wear out over time and lose their efficiency or perform poorly. As a result, it forces them to overheat. Poorly connected or frayed furnace wires could also cause the burning plastic odor.

These unusual smells could be a warning sign of a failing or damaged heating system. Ensure that you switch off the furnace if you notice these abnormal smells and call an HVAC service technician to diagnose and fix the underlying issue. Contact North County Cooling Inc. today for affordable and top-notch maintenance services to keep your heater efficient and functioning optimally.

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