It’s normal for your air conditioning system to make sounds when it turns on and off or while it’s running. But they shouldn’t sound alarming. If you hear strange noises coming from the AC system in your West Palm Beach, Florida, home, it’s vital to have them checked out right away. Here are three air conditioner sounds that indicate an issue:


If you hear a clanking noise coming from your air conditioner, there’s likely a loose bolt, screw or part causing it. Debris like twigs or stones that get stuck in the outdoor unit can cause rattling. You can clear these away yourself. But if you suspect something loose inside your system, it’s best to contact a service technician right away. As a result, you could prevent further damage that eventually causes a breakdown and higher repair costs.


No one enjoys buzzing sounds, whether it’s because of an annoying mosquito in the vicinity or your malfunctioning air conditioner. A buzzing sound in your AC system usually means there’s an electrical issue. Don’t attempt to try to repair an electrical problem because it’s dangerous. Turn the air conditioner off and contact a professional.


Hissing is a sound most associated with snakes. But if you hear this sound inside your home, it’s most likely because of a leaking refrigerant line. Refrigerant is a toxic chemical, and when handled incorrectly, it’s harmful to humans and the environment. If you suspect your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant, have it repaired right away. As a result, you’ll prevent the refrigerant from running out completely and your AC system from not cooling your home.

If you hear your AC system making strange sounds, don’t ignore them and think they’ll go away. Contact North County Cooling Inc. at 561-288-2063 for expert service. We’ll get your air conditioner repaired right away so that you don’t have to feel uncomfortable for too long.

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