Saving money on cooling expenses in Jensen Beach, FL, requires an understanding of how your HVAC thermostat’s fan works. In the winter, it circulates the warm air from your heater throughout the house. In the summer, it circulates cool air and can even draw in fresh air from outside to distribute indoors. Here are four ways your thermostat can help you save on cooling costs this summer:

Turn Down the Thermostat in the Evening

Thermostat adjustments made at night can significantly impact cooling costs and efficiency. Turning down the thermostat at night may help you save money since you won’t need to use the air conditioner. You don’t have to dial it down very much — just enough to keep daily and weekly swings to a minimum.

Turn the Fan on and off Manually

You may have discovered that activating the thermostat activates the fan. This helps maintain comfort, although it’s not always necessary. Turning off the fan is an economical and environmentally friendly option if you need to reduce the temperature in a room.

Use the Right Setting for What You’re Doing

Setting the fan to “Auto” will allow it to circulate air as you sit back and watch TV or work on a laptop. Shut off the fan completely to save energy while performing physical work like vacuuming or cleaning.

Use Fans With Timers

You may program the timer to turn on and off the fan at certain intervals throughout the day, so the fan isn’t operating when you don’t need it. Timers help you limit fan usage to when it is really necessary.

Contact our team at North County Cooling Inc. for cooling services, including repairs, installations, maintenance and replacements. Our family-owned HVAC company has been serving Jensen Beach and the surrounding areas since 1987, and we’re here to help you stay comfortable at home throughout the year.

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