Pets are parts of more than 85 million families in the U.S. While more than 67% of American households adore pets, they can adversely affect your indoor air quality. Below are a few ways pets and particulate affect your IAQ in Wellington, FL.

Breeding Ground for Air Pollutants

By itself, pet hair doesn’t cause allergies. However, the hair provides a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause allergens and diseases. Because pets love the outdoor environment, they’ll bring in microbes and allergens that’ll impact your IAQ.

Carriers of Particulates and Microbes

It’s pet dander that you need to be afraid of, not pet hair. The pet dander causes allergies if not removed from surfaces and not trapped by the filter. The pet hair collects dust, pollen and particulates and carries them into your home.

If your air conditioner doesn’t operate as efficiently as it should, all these substances will float in your indoor air and make the home uncomfortable. According to the EPA, biological pollutants are the leading cause of indoor air quality problems. These pollutants include bacteria, droppings from rodents, insects and the dander from pets.

AC Systems and Ungroomed Pets

If you groom your pets by brushing their hair before they come into the house, they will leave most of the dirt outside. Again, if your air conditioner works effectively, it’ll trap the microbes and particulates from the indoor air.

To live with pets and ensure they don’t affect your IAQ, you need to bathe them regularly. Even if pet dander doesn’t affect you, bathing the pets ensures you remove loose hair and allergens the pet might collect from outside. You also need to regularly maintain your air conditioning system to make it efficient in trapping pet dander and particulates.

We can help you maintain your AC system as you take care of your pet. Call North County Cooling Inc. to schedule HVAC maintenance today.

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