Are you wondering how to increase comfort and save on utility bills in your Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, home? The answer can be quite simple. Learn how installing a smart thermostat can improve the comfort level of your home and increase the energy efficiency of your HVAC system.

Remote Control

You can control a smart thermostat via an app anywhere your smartphone has an internet connection. This means you can easily control and schedule your HVAC system to run when you need it. As a result, you can use less energy by keeping your home cool only while you’re there.

Track Energy Use

Most smart thermostats allow you to track the amount of energy you use. This lets you build a profile of your usage and see how your energy use changes over time. That can allow you to estimate future costs and help you to make a plan to adjust accordingly to cut those costs.

Foolproof Programming

These systems are super easy to program. As a result, they take all the guesswork out of keeping your home at exactly the temperature you want. Modern smart thermostats are easy to use, with modern touch-screen designs and intuitive companion apps.

Advanced Learning

Some modern smart thermostats can even learn your patterns. They connect to motion sensors that signal when you’re up and active. They then can also learn the times you’re most likely to be active, which helps create an automatic schedule ideal for your comfort and energy savings.

Smart Compatibility

If you have a smart home setup, your thermostat can interface with other smart devices. This can allow it to work in conjunction with a system like an air purifier. As a result, you’ll maintain not only comfortable temperatures but also healthy air quality in your home.

Do you want more information about installing a smart thermostat? Contact North County Cooling Inc. today at 561-288-2063.

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